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Latest Updates

Lingua::Wordnet Editor
updated 12.11.2003 15:50:49 by (from Other Projects)
Lingua::Wordnet Editor is a web-based editor to add / delete / change synsets in WordNet (2.0)

VocTrainer - an online vocable trainer
updated 02.12.2002 11:12:35 by (from Other Projects)
VocTrainer is a web-based vocable trainer, it uses a database to store the dictionary plus other informations (e.g. conjugations, ...)

IMPORTANT: gscmxx has moved to
updated 29.08.2002 09:38:11 by (from gscmxx)
gscmxx development has now a home at
Please go to for further information.

Features & Screenshots
updated 19.08.2002 17:09:28 by (from gscmxx)
here you can see screenshots of all the implemented features (as of Aug 19th).

gscmxx v0.3
updated 16.08.2002 21:25:07 by (from gscmxx)
a lot of new features have been added and the design has been improved. get gsmxx v0.3.