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Lingua::Wordnet Editor
updated 12.11.2003 15:50:49 by

Lingua::Wordnet Editor is a web-based editor to add / delete / change synsets in WordNet (2.0)

You will need the following Perl modules:

* Lingua::Wordnet (of course!)
* Lingua::Ispell (a spelling algorithm is included in the search)
* Lingua::Stem (stemming is also done in the search algorithm)
* CGI (it's an web-app, isn't it?)
* HTML::Entities

You can get them all from your nearest CPAN Mirror (
Or you may use "perl -MCPAN -e shell" or "cpan".

Your will of course also need 'ispell'.

You may either use [ test ;-) ] the inlucdes or copy the script
and the images and css to your webservers ScriptAlias / DocumentRoot and
set some configuration parameters in the script.

1) Using
* start 'perl ./" from this directory and follow the steps.

2) Installing manually
* Copy ./cgi-bin/ somewhere to your script-alias (/cgi-bin/)
[As for now it is not recommended to use wneditor with mod_perl]
* Copy -r ./html/* to some directory under your DocumentRoot
* Edit (the copy in your cgi-bin directory!) and change the
configuration according to your settings.

my %conf = (
"wndir" => "/tmp/lwn", # full path to your Lingua::Wordnet database
"webdir" => "/wneditor/", # base-url of your css and images
"iconwidth" => "16", # width and height of your icons
"iconheight" => "16",
"ispell" => "/usr/bin/ispell", # path to your ispell binary

* Point your web-browser to the script.

Markus 'Koppi' Koppenberger <>

You can download an unofficial version of Lingua::Wordnet, which includes some changes for WordNet 2.0 and which also includes the wneditor script and images, ...

Lingua-Wordnet-0.73-3.tar.gz (49 k)

This is NOT the official version of Lingua::Wordnet and things may change in near future! Hopefully the changes for WordNet 2.0 and the WordNet Editor will be included in the next version.