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a gtk-frontend for scmxx. with gscmxx you can access your siemens mobile phone. it supports phonebook, addressbook, SMS, bitmaps. more features to come....
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gscmxx v0.3
updated 16.08.2002 21:25:07 by

a lot of new features have been added and the design has been improved. get gsmxx v0.3.

new features:
+ saveing of phonebook and addressbook entries
+ save phonebook (or only selected entries) as file
+ delete phonebook or addressbook entries
+ add new phonbook entries
+ sms listings (received and sent)
+ status screen when downloading from phone
+ listing of midi-files (alpha) layout and design is improved too

still urgent TODOs:
+ success or error response after sending a sms (now you can see it on STDOUT only)

docs are outdated
sorry the documentation is a little bit outdated. i will update docs as soon as possible.

for now just download the tar-ball and extract it
tar zxf gscmxx-0.3.tgz
change into the gscmxx-0.3 dir and start ./gscmxx