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Very short install instructions.
updated 23.05.2002 19:23:24

As I released the first version of Weird Web. Here are some informations how you can install and configure it.

Please read the short infos about Requirements first.

And here is what you will get. The tar-ball includes nearly all the files (images are not included) used at this site. You will find the following structure.

WW/                 Base Directory
WW/cgi-bin/         ScriptAlias
WW/conf/            Config Files
WW/doc              Documentation (not yet)
WW/htdocs/          Document Root
WW/htdocs/admin/    Administration
WW/xsl/             XSL Files
WW/xsl/admin/       Special XSL Files for Administration

There is a create.sql in the WW/doc directory. Create a new MySQL database and use this definitions to create all the needed tables.

In this configuration you will need a virtual server for Weird Web, because a lot of links are not dynamically set. Configure your server with DocumentRoot <yourpath>/WW/htdocs and ScriptAlias <yourpath>/WW/cgi-bin and enable 'Server Side Includes'

Then open WW/cgi-bin/lib/WW/ and set all necessary variables (e.g. database user and passwd, paths, ...)

Open a terminal and follow the errorlog (eg. tail -f /var/log/http/error.log).

Now open and you should see a login screen. Try to log in with username 'admin' and password 'admin'

If you have troubles you may drop me ( a note, and i will try to help you.

There is of course no warranty at all!!