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First Release (v0.0) available.
updated 23.05.2002 19:23:55

I have put together a tar-ball with the source-code of Weird Web.

This release must be considered very alpha!!

You may download it in our Download-Section at your own risk. But be warned - it probably will not work as you expect.

I didn't have the time to write some documentation, yet. Therefor it will be very difficult to install an setup Weird Web v0.0.

It also needs a big big code-clean-up. There is still a lot of experimental code included. And the code is not documented very well.

Very short install instructions.
If you still want to give it a try. Please read the short infos about Requirements first.

And here is what you will get. The tar-ball includes nearly all the files (images are not included) used at this site. You will find the following structure.

WW/                 Base Directory
WW/cgi-bin/         ScriptAlias
WW/conf/            Config Files
WW/doc              Documentation (not yet)
WW/htdocs/          Document Root
WW/htdocs/admin/    Administration
WW/xsl/             XSL Files
WW/xsl/admin/       Special XSL Files for Administration

There is a create.sql in the WW/doc directory. Create a new MySQL database and use this definitions to create all the needed tables.

In this configuration you will need a virtual server for Weird Web, because a lot of links are not dynamically set. Configure your server with DocumentRoot <yourpath>/WW/htdocs and ScriptAlias <yourpath>/WW/cgi-bin and enable 'Server Side Includes'

Then open WW/cgi-bin/lib/WW/ and set all necessary variables (e.g. database user and passwd, paths, ...)

Open a terminal and follow the errorlog (eg. tail -f /var/log/http/error.log).

Now open and you should see a login screen. Try to log in with username 'admin' and password 'admin'

If you have troubles you may drop me ( a note, and i will try to help you.

There is of course no warranty at all!!