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a gtk-frontend for scmxx. with gscmxx you can access your siemens mobile phone. it supports phonebook, addressbook, SMS, bitmaps. more features to come....
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updated 07.08.2002 11:11:07 by

gscmxx is a gtk-frontend for scmxx (a commandline tool to access siemens mobile phones) written in perl.

this is my first try to work with gtk at all and i just use scmxx for some days now, too.

so don't expect to much for now. access to your mobile phone is just read-only. ircomm is not detected (i don't have a computer with irda).

but you can access the internal information about your phone, retrive the list of vcards in your addressbook and view the bitmaps stored in bmp-slots 0-3.

if you want to test it, you can download it here. CAUTION - NO WARRANTY AT ALL! (everything is tested only with my S45).

unzip and untar the tar-ball, change directory into gscmxx-0.1 and just start it ./gscmxx (then please place gscmxx.xpm into ~/.gscmxx/ or /usr/share/pixmaps/, thanX)

u will - of course - need scmxx which can be found here

and Gtk-Perl which you can download here

gscmxx is licensed under the GPL